Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Coronation 304 & OMO 8 return home!

Ahead of the development of the new Trust which will look after the combined fleets of heritage trams, Blackpool Transport agreed to accept delivery of two vehicles from the LTT collection, with both arriving at Rigby Road on 11th June. The moves represent the first actions resulting from the positive partnership that now exists between the LTT & Blackpool Transport to conserve and showcase Blackpool's tramcar heritage.
The first to move was Coronation Car 304, which moved from its temporary outside storage at Fleetwood. Thankfully, the efficient movement of 304 by Scotts Heavy Haulage allowed time for a second move, with OMO car 8 also returning to Rigby Road depot later in the day from outside storage at Marton.
Back home! 304 is shunted back into its stable at Rigby Road depot on 11 June.
Apart from the Unimog, this could almost me a scene from 1974 when nine "plum & custard" OMO cars were in service in Blackpool.