Friday, 5 February 2010

Twin Car joins the collection

Another significant addition to the LTT tram collection has been confirmed this week with agreement to purchase Twin Set 676 + 686 for the collection. 676 (as 276) was the prototype towing car converted from a conventional railcoach in 1957 and introduced into service in 1958. Its trailer, originally T6, was one of ten built new in 1960/1 and the pair operated together from 1961 to 2004. In 1969 the set was modified from single ended to double ended configuration by transferring one set of cab equipment from 676 to 686. This was the penultimate set treated and 676 was also upgraded at the time - having retained more railcoach features compared to the production units - and emerged with contemporary Darvic interior panelling. When restored 676+686 will be outshopped in their 1970 condition in half green and half cream livery.