Sunday, 10 March 2013

Coronation 304 returns

Coronation 304 departed Beamish following its extended stay at the open-air museum on Thursday 7th March. The tram was booked to return to the LTT's Brinwell Road site, moved by Scott's Heavy Haulage, but unfortunately the length of the low loader and the critical tolerances required to access both the LTT's storage premises and the neighbouring Classic Bus operating depot forced Scott's to abandon the unloading of 304 as planned, despite several successful moves to & from the site previously.
304 being unloaded alongside former stablemates, Balloon 726 & Jubilee car 761
Arrangements were hurriedly made through John Woodmman of Friends of Fleetwood Trams to temporarily store 304 at the Halsall premises in Fleetwood alongside other former Blackpool trams whilst alternative undercover accommodation is now sought for 304.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

'Handybus' 575 assessed for Catch 22 Heritage Day

Handybus 575 posed on Langdale Road on Mereside whilst a Dennis Dart of CBNW passes by on the 'Catch 22' bus service
It was 2005 when Optare City Pacer 575 was last used by the Trust but this week has seen the minibus extracted and moved to Brinwell Road for assessment. It is one of a selection of buses being considered for the "Catch 22 Heritage Running Day" on Saturday 25 May. Although never operated on service 22, Handybuses were regulars on services 7/7A, 9 and 23/24/25 that share roads with the current 22 service. If prepared for MoT then Handybus 575 will be used on only a few special workings on the heritage day - but it is proposed to issue a detailed schedule prior to the day.