Monday, 27 May 2013

LTT buses operate on Heritage Day

The loan of two LTT buses to Classic Bus North West on Saturday 25 May for its first Heritage Day proved to be quite a success. Blackpool 529 and Lytham 19 joined CBNW's own London Routemaster RM1568 on the 30-min Saturday service. This was the first working of a Blackpool PD3 on service 22 since back in 1988 when the type was withdrawn from service by Blackpool Transport. Many local passengers were surprised by the arrival of the vintage buses and enthusiasts, some travelling from as far south as London, enjoyed the heritage workings. Further heritage dates are now being discussed with CBNW.
529 captured on Langdale Road at Mereside

Lytham 19 basks in the sunshine at Bispham Village

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Heritage Day Timetable

529 will become the first Blackpool PD3 to operate on service 22 for nearly 25 years
Blackpool 529, Lytham 19 and an iconic London Routemaster will be operating on Classic Bus North West's "Catch 22" service this Saturday on the first heritage day. Full details have now been  published on the Catch 22 website. See
The CBNW depot will also be open to visitors and will feature a display of CBNW and LTT owned buses. It will be the first time that a Blackpool PD3 has operated on service 22 for nearly 25 years, with the last PD3s being withdrawn from regular service in November 1988.