Friday, 14 June 2013

Changes at the top!

Following the fantastic news that the LTT and Blackpool Transport are working together to create a new charitible Trust for the combined heritage tramcar collection, Philip Higgs has decided to step down from his role as a Trustee of the LTT.
Philip said "I have every confidence in Bryan Lindop's commitment and energy to develop the new charitible Trust in partnership with the LTT and other organisations. My own business interest in Classic Bus North West is an obvious impediment to the relationship that now needs to develop between LTT and Blackpool Transport. A fantastic opportunity now exists to create a first class heritage tram collection and perhaps a future tramway museum facility in the resort which has been an aspiration of the LTT since it was founded and the realisation of this will still have my full commitment."
Two of the many projects progressed by Philip Higgs during his period as a Trustee; Brush car 632 and Coronation 304.