Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May Update

Firstly Ribble news - the new front springs have been fitted to the front axle of Atlantean 1805 which will soon to be ready for testing and a few panelling repairs have been undertaken. Meanwhile, the Gardner engine on Ribble VRT 1997 has been sent away for overhaul.
Blackpool PD3 529 has received a pre-MoT service and will soon have a new exhaust system fitted whilst work on the engine has finally identified and rectified its "sluggishness" and the bus is now capable of doing 50mph!! Swift 570 has received fuel line renewal and some brake overhaul work prior to MoT, following a complete de-rust of the chassis and silver spraying.
Handybus 575 has had a new starter motor fitted at a local VW service facility and is now being assessed for MoT.
The lower panelling of Lytham Lion 34 is currently being paint stripped and its seat cushions have been sent away for the original "horse-hair" to be replaced with modern foam fillings.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ribble RE 366 back on the road!

Former Ribble RE 366 (OCK366K) passed its MoT today and can therefore return to operational use for the first time since 2011.
Other LTT fleet news includes Ribble Atlantean 1805 which has just had new front springs manufactured by Rossendale Road Springs in Haslingden at a cost of over £1,200. It is proposed to upgrade 1805 to Class VI MoT status.
Blackpool AEC Swift 570 is being fitted with new rear shock absorbers before being submitted for MoT whereas Atlantean 334 has returned from Preston Bus who were commissioned to undertake various jobs prior to MoT.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

LTT Fleet Update

Repanelling work has been undertaken on Blackpool PD3 No.529 recently in preparation for the summer season ahead and specific panels will be repainted.
Blackpool AEC Swift 570 has received a 75-point safety inspection prior to MoT work whilst the removed road springs have been sent away for Ribble 1805 and from these new ones are to be made at a cost of £600 each.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

MoT prep work starts on Ribble1805

In addition to the work currently in hand on Ribble RE 366 & VRT 1997, the first vehicle to ever join the LTT is also now receiving attention. A few panels have been selected for replacement whilst as part of MoT preparation work, both front springs have been removed for replacement. It is proposed to upgrade 1805 to Class VI MoT status.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

March update

Several buses from the LTT collection are being actively worked on ready for the 2015 season. Ex-Blackpool Leyland Atlantean 334 is still away for a fluid flywheel oil leak to be repaired (that requires separating engine & gearbox) whilst ex-Ribble Bristol RE 366 has had its air door system re-piped and wiper arms refitted and is nearing submission for MoT test.
Its Ribble cousin, Bristol VRT 1997, is having its engine removed to be sent away for overhaul.  This bus passed its Class VI PSV test last autumn, but unfortunately blew a piston liner on its return journey to Blackpool and requires the equivalent of open-heart surgery.
Finally, Blackpool PD3 No.529 is having some panels damaged whilst out on private hire work replaced.
Ribble 1997 on its way to Lancaster for MoT test - it passed but unfortunately blew a piston liner on its return journey to Blackpool.

Bristol RE 366 out on a test run at Wrea Green.

Friday, 23 January 2015

LTT Update

It has been quite a while since there was an LTT update, so here are some news snippets...
Ribble Bristol VRT 1997 passed its MoT Class VI in October last year, only to blow a piston and damage the piston liner on its return from test. Unfortunately, this has required a full engine strip down to effect repairs. This work is in progress.
Blackpool Atlantean 334 has been undergoing work to restore this bus to active service and one of the final jobs will result in the bus being sent away for gearbox removal to allow an flywheel oil seal to be replaced.