Saturday, 30 January 2010

Cherry Red for Ribble 1997

Ex-Ribble VRT 1997 (OCK997K) achieved celebrity status after clocking up 29 years passenger service and being the oldest bus (outside London) with FirstGroup. After life with Ribble, 1997 operated with Crosville and then Devon RedBus before finally becoming part of First Western National. It was withdrawn from service, still in RedBus livery, in January 2002 and returned north in August after acquisition by the Lancastrian Transport Trust for preservation.

Full restoration of 1997 commenced in September 2006 by LTT volunteers and now a vacant slot in the BusWorks' paint shop has allowed repainting in cherry red to commence.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Blackpool National returns

Blackpool National 2 542 (A542PCW) has joined the LTT collection. New in 1984 it ran until 1991 passing to United in Durham where it ran until 1999. Since then it has been an exhibition unit with Durham Constabulary and more recently Safe-in-Tees Valley. Retired in 2009 it has been donated to the Trust for eventual restoration.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Own a share in a Blackpool Icon

The double deck Balloon Car is one of the icons of Blackpool and the LTT are giving enthusiasts the opportunity to own shares in one of the cars acquired for preservation. Selling of shares in tram 715 will finance the restoration of the tram and repaint back into green and cream livery so that the tram can operate in this guise during the 125th anniversary year of the tramway.

Shares are being sold at £500 each but half shares at £250 are also available. If you are interested in acquiring a share then follow this hyperlink to view and print off a shareholder application form.

Application Form:

Friday, 8 January 2010

Balloon Car 715 acquired for Preservation

The Lancastrian Transport Trust has agreed the purchase of Balloon Car 715 from Blackpool Transport. However, in a radical move the LTT are to invite tram enthusiasts to become shareholders in a project that will return 715 to green & cream livery in the condition it emerged back in 1981. In this guise it will remain at Rigby Road depot and available for use until the end of 2011.

Details of the specific work to be undertaken on 715 are still being discussed with Blackpool Transport but a budget of £7,000 has been earmarked. Once the offer of becoming a share owner in 715 is finalised, details will be published on this website, allowing interested enthusiasts to own a part of a Blackpool icon.