Friday, 27 July 2012

Tramnik One lights up

Blackpool's Illuminations Department have made excellent progress with the refurbishment of the our preserved Rocket tram (732) which they are overhauling for static display during this year's illuminations. The Rocket is set to make its return to Blackpool's Promenade as the centrepiece of a 'space theme' display which will occupy Gynn Square roundabout this year, returning the tram to prominence for the centenary of Blackpool's illuminations.  
Progress so far has seen the tram stripped of most of its external illuminations (although not yet those from the nose cone, as seen here), which will be replaced, whilst the lighting circuits to the headlamps and advertising panels have been repaired and energised. The cab has received a repaint in dark green, carried by the tram in its latter years in use and replacing the original blue, much improving its appearance.

The lower skirt panels and rear fins, removed to assist with transportation of the car from Rigby Road, will be replaced by removable sections to allow for future movement of the tram.

Monday, 9 July 2012

To boldly go where no tram has gone before!

Today saw a major step forward with Blackpool Rocket 732. Having been in the trust's care for 10 years the rocket was moved from Rigby Road to the lights dept at Squires Gate.

This is so further progress can take place on plans for the Rocket to be static in the lights Centenary in Blackpool this year.

As can be seen a lot of work was needed to be able to move 732 including the removal of the rear platform. This was badly damaged in various shunts over recent years and so with the impossible task of moving the tram with this on the decision was made to remove this, as well as the skirting which would foul the low loader. This will be replaced on removable sections for future transportation.

The controllers etc will be recovered and so can be displayed in the future.

A big thank you to David Umpleby who has supervised the move from the LTT's perspective and to Richard Ryan, Illuminations Director for making this happen.