Saturday, 27 October 2012

304 runs at Beamish

Darkness falls at Beamish whilst 304 adjusts to the new surroundings of the museum tramway where it is on temporary loan.
Coronation 304 made it's first movements at Beamish on the evening of Wednesday 24th October - the first Blackpool Coronation car to ever operate away from its native system.
Following some remedial work and further testing, Blackpool Coronation 304 is expected to be placed into service this weekend and the following two weekends; as always, subject to the usual caveats. Meanwhile, tonight, tomorrow and next Wednesday nights will see the Beamish tramway at full stretch for the Halloween evening events.
David Umpleby from the LTT has led the project to operate 304 at Beamish and the co-operation of Paul Jarman and the Beamish trammway group volunteers is greatly appreciated.