Friday, 12 October 2012

304 departs for Beamish

Our preserved Coronation car 304 departed its temporary home in outside storage in Marton for a short term loan to Beamish Museum on 11th October. Haulier Alleleys were employed to move the tram to the North East, and departure took place during the early evening following loading up which was initially delayed as the leading bogie of the tram seemed unwilling to follow a straight path towards the waiting ramp. It arrived at Beamish the following day.

304 loaded for the journey north on 11th October (c.Alan Robson)
Following commissioning and driver training, and subject to clearance tests on the museum tramway, it is hoped that 304 can quickly enter service at Beamish, thus becoming the first Blackpool Coronation car to ever operate away from the Blackpool tramway.