Monday, 4 February 2013

LTT - where it all began

It is now 30 years since the first vehicles were acquired for preservation by the LTT (then known as the Lancastrian Transport Group). The group was formed as a result of Eric Berry and Philip Higgs both becoming involved in the preservation of early examples of low-height rear engined buses; Lancashire United Daimler Fleetline 97 and Ribble Atlantean 1805, both of 1962 origin.
After a period in store, both buses have been extracted for photographs recently and it is hoped that they will be MoT'd this summer for further use.
LUT 97 displaying X60 Blackpool posed at the former Mereside bus terminus with a BTS Dennis Trident passing in the background.
Same location but with Ribble 1805 showing off its Robertsons Bread advert revealed after its illuminated advert panels were re-rubbered to prevent water ingress.