Friday, 20 April 2012

Standard 143 returns!

Following discussions with Blackpool Transport, Standard car 143 has today returned to the LTT's Brinwell Road depot for restoration work to be completed. 143 had moved to Rigby Road back in August 2010 for completion of BTS' pledged commitment to the project. However, the preparation work required for the tramway upgrade and the realisation of the extent of heritage tram operation has resulted in the project to complete 143 for operation on the tramway being shelved.
In recognition of the original agreement and as an act of goodwill, Managing Director Trevor Roberts agreed to BTS donating the overhauled trucks and motors to the LTT. Following this positive step, arrangements were made to return 143 to Brinwell Road for completion work which will allow the Heritage Lottery Fund to "sign-off" the project which is a stumbling block towards our application to HLF for the proposed Thornton Gate project.
Although the reality of 143 not realising its original aim of returning to operation on the tramway is of course disappointing, we would like to place on record our thanks to Blackpool Transport for overhauling the trucks and motors which is a significant contribution to the project. The removal of 143 leaves Brush Railcoaches 624 & 632, Balloons 704 & 715, Coronation 304, OMO 8 and Rocket 732 stored at Rigby Road depot.