Thursday, 15 March 2012

LTT trams at Beamish update

Work on Open Boat 233/605 is progressing well at Beamish with rubbing down of the paintwork in hand ready for a repaint prior to Easter in original style livery. The trolley tower has returned after shotblasting whilst the controllers & circuit breakers are being serviced in preparation for the busy summer ahead of it.
With '605' requiring a slot in the workshop, it's space in the un-wired section of the depot has been taken by Balloon 703/101 which is having a rest after a very intensive period of operation over the winter months. It has certainly proved popular with the Beamish tram crews - welcoming the enclosed cab, driver's seat and wipers, just like the reaction in Blackpool back in 1933 when the railcoaches were introduced! The Balloon will be in action for the Great North Steam Fair at Beamish and the official launch of the repainted Boat car on Sunday 22 April.
See Beamish Transport blog for more details.