Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Full Council to vote on tram storage issue

In a surprise move, a motion has been put for consideration at the full Executive Meeting of Blackpool Council on Wednesday 23 November to secure a stay of tenure for the LTT tramcar collection at the Council-owned Rigby Road depot site.

The motion, proposed by Councillor Tony Williams and supported by other councillors across the political spectrum, will be voted on by all Councillors in attendence at the meeting. The motion recognises the plans that the LTT has to develop a visitor attraction at the former tram depot sidings at Thornton Gate - reawakening a proposal originally drafted back in 2001.

The motion proposes that "the Council requests the Chief Executive to write to the Managing Director of Blackpool Transport Services to request that the LTT continue to enjoy a grace and favour rent period of a further twelve months up to the 1st December 2012, when their new building at Thornton Gate will be completed".

10 trams are affected by the threat of eviction - 304, 605, 624, 632, 671, 676/686, 704, 715 & 732 with Standard Car 143 still expected to be incorporated within the retained BTS operational fleet - once they complete their commitment to the lottery supported project.