Sunday, 16 May 2010

703's makeover complete

Balloon car 703 has now been released from the paint shop and is stored in the main depot awaiting its move to Beamish which is scheduled for mid-June. Now assuming its new identity as Sunderland 101, the car looks superb in its psuedo-Sunderland red and cream livery style.

Seat cushions and backs have been refitted, creating a matching set in the 1980s style lime green moquette. "Shop at Binns" has still to be fitted above the destination screen, and new destination blinds with Sunderland termini are on order.

A photographic session with 101 has been arranged with Blackpool Transport for Monday 7th June when "101" will leave depot at 14:00 and operate Depot-Bispham-Pleasure Beach-Depot. Because 101 is no longer in the operational fleet, no passengers will be carried but photostops will be arranged.